Toys for Tots' DoGoodNow Distribution Continues in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Green Bay First, a non-profit located in Wisconsin, was also part of Toys for Tots’ DoGoodNow distribution! The toys that we provided to Good360 were gifted to many families in the Green Bay area and brought hope to the children of those families.

Two children had moved with their father to Green Bay just as the pandemic hit the community. Their father had been unemployed for over a year, and the family was faced with overcoming many challenges. The gifts they received brought the two girls so much joy—they loved their new toys!

Another family that Green Bay First supported was a single mother who was struggling to take care of her son. The mother came to Green Bay First and utilized their clothing donations and other resources to get back on their feet—the young boy received new toys that brought him so much joy – just look at the smile on his face! The family is back on their feet and much more hopeful thanks to Toys for Tots and Green Bay First!

Green Bay First

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