Frontline Worker Gives Back to the Families of Her Colleagues and Community

As an official Good360 Community Redistribution Partner, Role Models of America serves as a regional hub for products, as well as a network of vetted and qualified nonprofit members in the Greater Houston area. ASATT Church in Houston, TX was one such nonprofit member who received toys provided by Toys for Tots for families impacted by COVID-19. 

This initiative was organized by Yvonne Vo, a Registered Nurse at the Houston Methodist Hospital. Harris County, which includes Houston, has more thank 18k cases of COVID-19, as of June 20, 2020. Frontline workers and first responders have been working overtime, many leaving young ones at home in the care of family and friends. As a result, ASATT Church distributed approximately 75 toys to the children of first responders and frontline workers in the area.  

So many children and families were overwhelmed by this gesture. One mom said, “Thank you so much! My little boy’s favorite were the balls. He loved the toys so much that he fell asleep with them in his arms!” 

Another mom commented, “My kids loved everything. They could not stop playing with the toys and each other. Thank you so much for thinking of us.” 

Yvonne wanted to do something to bring some much-needed cheer to uplift the spirits of her colleagues and community, and her efforts brought many smiles to the faces of the kids in her community!

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