Showing Compassion Through the Little Things

When a child is placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), it can be one of the most challenging times for all those involved. BabyBuns for Life Network recognizes this period of uncertainty that the parents have to endure and aims to educate, inspire, and support the families of preemie babies.

Based out of Petersburg, VA, BabyBuns for Life Network distributed gift bags to new mothers at four Virginia-based hospitals. Each gift bag contained a donated bracelet with a special message, which were donated by Toys for Tots and distributed through Good360.

Dangling from each of the bracelets was a snowflake charm, which caught the eye of BabyBuns for Life Network Founder and CEO, Dana Griffin-Graves, and gave her an idea.

“We included a note with the bracelets that read, ‘just as each snowflake is unique, your NICU baby was uniquely made for you to love’, said Griffin-Graves.

“These gifts serve as a symbol of support and love to parents in the NICU, reminding them that they deserve to be cared for and celebrated. Thank you, Toys for Tots, for allowing us to do that.”


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