Coordinator - Desmond Newbill – Camden, NJ

As a Toys for Tots volunteer, I witness the outpour of love, care and giving which makes a difference for many families during the holiday season. I truly look forward to volunteering with Toys for Tots every year because I have an opportunity of serving and helping people. This past year, there was one family I will never forget. There was a mother with two children and when she was given toys for her family, she immediately burst into tears. She was so grateful and continued to say “Christmas is coming, and I had nothing for my children. You all do not understand what I have been through and what this means, my kids can now have a Christmas.” Our Toys for Tots Santa was gracious in giving and when he gave her bikes for both her two children, the mother continued to cry and became so overwhelmed with joy and was very thankful. She turned to our Toys for Tots Santa crying and said, “If it were not for you, my kids would have had nothing for Christmas this year. I just did not have it.” That is what Toys for Tots is all about, it makes everything worthwhile to see the joy in the parents knowing that their children are taken care of and not left out for Christmas.

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